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Christmas, Violence and Crude Humor: Violent Night (2022) Review

If you’re into the holiday spirit, crude humor, graphic violence and revenge, Violent Night (2022) is the film for you.Starring David Harbour and John Leguizamo, the movie unfolds the tale of a daring group of thieves who decide to break into a billionaire family's estate on Christmas with the ambitious goal of stealing their fortune.

Santa is tied up with christmas lights and bloody

Almost none of the characters in this film are likable (Santa included) with the exception of a young girl who happened to be born into a terrible family. Unlikeable characters bodes well for this type of horror film, though in a lot of ways it might be better categorized as an action, thriller, and comedy flick. This character dynamic adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, as the audience navigates through a world where moral ambiguity and dark humor are at the forefront.

Santa holds a Norse hammer

Violent Night was directed by Tommy Wirkola, also known for Dead Snow (2009) and The Trip (2021). The film was written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. My personal favorite parts of the film were the references to Santa's viking backstory.

three wealthy people stand in front of a Christmas tree

Some reviews compare Violent Night to Die Hard, which I personally think is too generous, but I understand the thematic connection between the two. It’s fairly well rated, especially considering the genre. However you classify it, Violent Night manages to carve its niche, providing a fresh and distinct perspective on the holiday season.

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