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May Day or Folk Horror Stories - Due March 1st 

Escape Room Horror - Due March 1st 

The Dancing Plague (ie stories about either mass hysteria or being forced into a repetitive action) - Due March 1st 

Artificial Intelligence Horror - Due March 1st 

One Page Horror (12 point font, double spaced) - Due April 1st 

Always accepting:

Personal paranormal or unexplained experiences.

Horror stories on any topic for our "campfire tales" series.

How This Works

  • Typically on Lunatics Radio Hour, we do a deep dive into the history of a horror topic. For example, The History of Cannibalism.

  • We then follow that up with an episode featuring work around that theme. For example, Stories About Cannibalism.

  • We typically have narrators or voice actors read the stories, sometimes Alan and I do. 

  • We will plug your social handles, books, websites, patreons, orgs you care about, anything you'd like! 


  • No longer than 5,000 words....1,000-3,000 is ideal.

  • Alternative formats like short scripts or poetry are welcome in addition to stories! 

  • We accept PDF submissions, Google Docs or Word documents.

  • Please let me know if you are planning to submit a story! Dates often shift around and I don't want to miss out on including your work. Stories do NOT need to be exclusive to LRH.

Use the form below or email us at /


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