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The Pizza Rice Collective

Updated: May 29, 2021

Minnesota. Texas. Ohio. New York. Four sets of podcasters with five different podcasts united together in one casserole dish, each bringing a unique flavor that complements the others. You may not have ever heard of pizza rice before, but you can already picture exactly what it is, and deep down, you already know that it is delicious.

Check out the collaborators that make up the Pizza Rice Podcasting Collaborative below!


Hi, and welcome to Fadó! An audio adventure into Fantasy, Folklore, and Fairy Tales. I’m Jon, your host, and thanks for dropping in! Join me each week and let me read you stories from all over the world, and from all throughout time! Myths and Monsters, Fairies and Folklore, Heroes and Villains! There's no telling where we'll go next! If you're having fun, subscribe! And if you want to support me further, find me on Facebook, Instagram and also on Patreon! Leave me comments and reviews, and share Fadó with friends! I can't wait to hear from you!

Jollyville Radio

Jollyville Radio is a radio broadcast from the semi-fictional town of Jollyville with sketches and vignettes from the town voiced by a full cast. Each episode ends by featuring real people serving their communities in the real world.

visit the Jollyverse - HERE

Hidden Oaks

From the twisted minds of writer Patrick W. Marsh, voice actor/audio producer Robert Daun, and film director Owen Swerkstrom, Hidden Oaks is a horror/suspense podcast series featuring an arcane monster, a magical forest and the community affected by both in semi-fictional late 1990’s suburban Minnesota.

Found anywhere you listen to podcasts, or HERE

Bob’s Short Story Hour

Bob's Short Story Hour is a literary podcast that was started to promote the short stories we love and to discover new stories from talented authors from both the past and the present. Episodes range anywhere from the recitations of public domain stories and stories submitted by contemporary authors, to chats with friends and other podcasters about a wide range of topics. We usually try to tie books into every discussion somehow, at least briefly.

The Lunatics Project and Lunatics Radio Hour

The Lunatics Project creates The Lunatics Radio Hour Podcast, Lunatics Magazine and short horror films. The Lunatics Radio Hour Podcast explores the history of horror and craft of modern day scary storytelling. Lunatics Magazine is a bi-annual creepy art zine that showcases creative work from a collective of talented artists around a central theme.

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