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The Official Lunatics Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for small businesses and indie creators to support this holiday season (which you should be), Lunatics has put together a list of our favorite spooky/witchy/otherwordly artists.

These are just a few of the amazing shops and providers on our wish list. We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments as well!

Now more than ever, it’s a great time to support small artists. You’ll have a big impact. We promise.

For The Lover of Animals

From personal experience, I can attest that Charlotte Chanler’s animal communication has positively improved my relationship with dear James. Charlotte offers Animal Communication and Animal Mediumship readings. James and I have met with her several times, and each experience has been overwhelmingly positive. If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of your animal friend, work through something specific or honor your connection to your familiar, I highly recommend a session.

Through Charlotte’s website, you can easily book a time slot that works for you. This also makes a WONDERFUL gift (I’ve gifted sessions with Charlotte to friends). In my opinion, there is no greater gift than giving a deeper connection to those we love. Book here, and learn more here.

For Your Spiritual Friend

PisceanSpirituality on Etsy is a Black-Owned spiritual shop that offers TONS of readings and reiki. Not to mention the amazing products and tools to help you connect more deeply to life and your goals.

This holiday season I adore the idea of giving experiences or spiritual tools. It’s a powerful way to help us start to see the world a little differently.

For the Tarot Lover in Your Life

Personal Space Press’s Tarot Deck remains one of our all time favorites. Emilee designs everything herself and her aesthetic is absolutely perfect (IMHO). Especially for your spooky friend. But also for your artistic friend. And any friend you have with good taste (I assume all of your friends have good taste, so they will love Emilee’s art.)

For the Fantasy Lover

Nadia Rausa’s art truly speaks to my soul. She creates art prints, zines, strikers and pins. All of which bring you into the most wonderful fantasy world within seconds of viewing them. Anytime I see one of her pieces around my apartment it brings a smile to my face and a sense of wonder to my mind.

I especially love the Luminous Odyssey art print, As Tall As The Moon print, and and this beauty of a gold sticker. I often put the Curious Peonies Pin on my altar, as a reminder to be whimsical and playful as much as I can.

For the Lover of Art and Artists

One to A Thousand is an Art and Literary Magazine. It’s created by Nadia Rausa and J.L. Chabotte. The shop is filled with digital copies of OTAT, physical art books/magazines and a super cool sweatshirt.

Supporting artists is a great way to surround yourself with inspiring and healing art. The latest issue of OTAT is also available in print, and it makes the most gorgeous coffee table book.

Browse here.

If your loved one is an artist, you might also want to point them in the direction of the One to A Thousand community. The company currently hosts an online community of creators at in addition to publishing the art magazine.

For Your Sunny and Bright Loved One

Olive Ink is the cutest indie design studio I ever did see. The shop is filled with perfect holiday gifts for anyone who loves travel or art or design or pretty colors. You literally can’t go wrong. Give the gift of a beautiful piece of art, spunky phone case, unique throw pillow or so much more. A personal favorite of ours.

The shop is run by Olivia, who designs every single item. I very strategically put the Olive Ink pieces I have around my apartment, to let in a bit of sunshine, even in the darkest of months.

For the Bostonian in Your Life

Give the gift of pottery! Personal pottery! Made By Me is a Boston based paint your own pottery studio. Shipping isn’t available for this one, because you’re giving an experience. Locals can stop by the studio and paint their own pieces. Might I suggest this Christmas Classics To Go kit!

We adore the folks who run this studio. And we also adore gifting not only an experience, but a craft that can be done as a couple, a group of friends, a family...a way to bring your people together and try something new. That’s what it’s all about.

For Your Favorite Witch

JustKweenin on Etsy offers an amazing selection of ritual candles, runes, jewelry and crystals. Any or all of which would make the perfect gift for your witchy loved one. But I personally really love these dreamy opalite runes.

As always, thanks for supporting us -- and thanks for supporting small artists, creators and businesses around the holidays and all year round.

Wishing you and your families a lovely and safe season.

All my love,


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