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The Hauntings of The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

On Episode 90 of the Lunatics Radio Hour podcast we talk about the history and hauntings of The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, in Kentucky. We were lucky enough to have our friends Robin and Bob (of Bob’s Short Story Hour and Hidden Oaks) share their first hand experiences visiting Waverly Hills.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened its doors in 1910 in Louisville, Kentucky. It was constructed as a treatment hospital for Tuberculosis patients. Patients would live at the hospital for anywhere from a few weeks to years. Depending on the success of the treatment. After the introduction of the TB vaccine, Waverly Hills was closed in 1961. The exact number of patients who died at Waverly Hills during its active years is unknown. But most estimate that it’s in the tens of thousands.

Now, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is open for tours. Many visitors have reported unexplained or paranormal experiences there. One recurring claim that visitors experience is the sound of children's laughter. Some see faces and figures. There is one particular claim of a visitor seeing a man in a white lab coat disappear in a treatment room on the 4th floor. One of the most recurring experiences is what is known as shadow people, all over the hospital and unexplainable figures showing up in photos (more on this in a moment.)

As discussed in this episode, Bob and Robin shared some photos with us. Which you see here in this post. Including a photo of a doorway, which was empty when they snapped the photo. In my opinion, it looks like something is very clearly in this doorway in the photo.

Thank you again to Robin and Bob for sharing their experiences with us. And thank you for tuning in to this very special episode.

Do enjoy!


*Photos courtesy of Robin Sand and Bob Daun.

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