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Nightcrawlers 101 (No, not the worms)

You may not be aware of some footage that emerged on the internet in 2007. A homeowner in Fresno set up a CCTV camera to figure out why his dogs were barking at night. When I watched this (very possibly fake) video, it impacted me in a real way (again back in 2007). Long before I saw this footage, I had a series of nightmares about a similar creature. So it hit me hard when I watched this video. Laugh all you want.

It certainly looks unconvincing now. I will give you that. It looks like either a person walking in a cape or something that is completely CGI. The footage is often referred to as the ‘Fresno Alien Footage.’ (This is a second view, not the same as what I linked above.)

The interesting part of this, is that there seems to be a connection with some local Native American lore. Of course, this could have inspired the people who created these videos. If you take a look at this article, it gives some brief information about the legends and some photos. You see that statues have been built which seem to replicate the type of creature captured in video. According to the article, they represent ‘swamp-world’ beings. They have long legs to navigate through swamps and bogs easily.

Can’t say I’m 100% bought into this one. But I can say it’s a wild video and it would be a wild world if they were real.

Stay spooky & stay safe.



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