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Lunatics Project Short Film Archive

The Lunatics Project started under a different name, Films About Lunatics, because all we did at the beginning was make short films. Now the project has expanded to include Lunatics Radio Hour, Lunatics Magazine, Tarot and Divination, and tons of historic research.

But I wanted to create an archive and a page that celebrates our roots. And perhaps surfaces some of our films that may be new to you.

In no particular order. may I present the Films About Lunatics archive.

First released in 2022, The Witching Hour is one of our most viewed films. We collaborated with Kake Dance Co to bring this horror dance nightmare to life.

One of our most celebrated short films which poses the question, would you open your door to a stranger in need?

A woman and her friend get revenge on her abusive husband.

Through the Meat Grinder is our bizarre take on the film Possession from 1981. Here, we play with gender roles and the making of a monster.

A woman decides to seek revenge on her lover.

The very first film about lunatics. A mockumentary style ghostly comedy.

What happens when your dance teachers get hungry?

Starring our dream girl Sara Luke, I'm Starting a Cult is a comedy about a misguided woman who wants to start a cult to help her make rent and get laid.

Maya and The Monster is a science fiction short film that tugs at your heartstrings.

A charming comedy about a husband, who is convinced his cat is haunted, and a level headed wife who understands how unlikely that is.

A woman's hunt for eternal youth and beauty leads her down a dark path.

A man turns to Craigslist to find a willing victim to murder with consent.

An unofficial sequel to My First Murder.

A beautifully shot exploration of being alone and the fear of what's on the other side of the door.

A collaboration with our friend Alex Goleman, Everywoman takes you inside the mind of a 9 to 5er, desperate for escape.

A very bizarre, one take wonder.

One where you really do need to wait for the ending.

A woman gets revenge on an escaped killer.

A ghost story.

AI is coming for us all.

Our most experimental and poetic vignette.

Dancing zombies!

A cannibal couple.

An alien ruins a first date.

A horror story of a first date.

Never trust a fortune teller from the internet.

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