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Halloween Listening Guide to Lunatics Radio Hour

Hello Friends,

It's officially October and I am in such a spooky mood it's unreal. I wanted to share some of the creepiest/most appropriate episodes of Lunatics Radio Hour to listen to this month. These are all episodes I think provide great history and research, and will give you chills or get in your head in some way.


The first is the history of Frankenstein's Monster, which is really the history of Mary Shelley. My hero. We talk about her life, the famous trip where the story was composed and the blockbuster film series that it evolved into. It's gothic, old timey and perfect for October. Listen here.

A must listen is the history of Samhain, the pagan holiday that later evolved into All Hallows Eve. Listen here.

The next episodes I suggest are the history of Werewolves and Vampires respectively. These are two different episodes that pair really nicely together, and with the above. All three also are great companions to re-watching the original Universal Monster movies. Which I always encourage doing this time of year. Learn more about Vampires here, and Werewolves here. If you want to get really spicy, an early episode we did, the history of Creepypasta still gives me chills. It also includes some rough creepypasta that I wrote.

If you still have an appetite for spooky content after all of these episodes, I will leave you with one final suggestion. We've covered many paranormal cases like the Enfield Poltergeist, The Bowery Hotel, The Stanley Hotel, The Curse of Dudleytown and The Curse of The Crying Boys Paintings - but none hit home the way The Mothman does. There is something about this story that really eats away at me. Listen here. All my love,


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