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Cryptids & Creatures with Jon Cook

The latest episode of Lunatics Radio Hour is a wonderful chat with dear friend Jon Cook, of the Fadó Podcast. Jon is from Ohio, somewhat close to Point Pleasant, West Virginia and we wanted to pick his brain on the town we spent so much time talking about in the Mothman episode. Plus, Jon has had his own unexplainable experiences, which we were desperate to talk about.

We also touch on some fun adjacent topics and I wanted to provide links and more details here, in case you wanted a rabbit hole to jump into.

This is an example of an iron furnace that Jon sent me, this one is called Olive Furnace. It’s located down Route 93 in Pedro Ohio. He also shared this blog, which shows the scale of an iron furnace in comparison to a human. It’s quite large. This site also has some cool spooky tunnels, if you keep scrolling.

Finally, we talked about Centralia, Pennsylvania. The location of a coal mine fire that's been burning since 1962. The latest population count shows that only five people live in this town.

If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, this will provide some handy visuals for you as we talk through these locations in detail. Cheers!

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