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Bob's Short Story Hour

Hello There!

Today is an exciting day - three of my stories are being featured on Bob’s Short Story Hour. If you haven’t already heard us talk about this podcast, it’s one of our new favorites. Bob Daun is the mastermind and voice behind the show, he also is part of Hidden Oaks, which is a supernatural/suburbia podcast that we also love.

Bob’s calling this episode of BSSH “The Brenker Files,” which I love. It features a story you may not have read yet! We haven’t featured it on Lunatics Radio Hour before. It’s called Something. He also reads The Man With An Axe, which was the ~very first~ story we ever read on LRH and The Giant Eyeball, which is one of my all time favorites. All three stories are part of Horror Stories. Horror Stories is my collection of short and creepy tales.

(Photo by Bob Daun of our Lunatics care package!)

We are working on an upcoming collaboration together and have truly enjoyed getting to know Bob, both through Bob’s Short Story Hour and from our conversations together.

It’s very special to me that Bob has taken the time to feature three of my stories today! And he reads them so beautifully.

I hope you check out Bob’s podcasts, they are so fun and both can get a bit spooky. Which you know we love. I’ve been getting to know some really awesome classic and contemporary pieces through his show, and learning a lot about different writing styles and ways to story tell.

All my love,


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