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Haunted History: The Seaside Sanatorium

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Seaside Sanatorium overlooks Long Island Sound from the coast of Connecticut. Built in the 1930s, it was originally a groundbreaking treatment facility for children with Tuberculosis. I had the pleasure of visiting last week. I was visiting a very dear friend who had the idea to walk around the area. It worked out perfectly because it was spooky for me and a wonderful place for us to walk and catch up.

The architecture was designed by Cass Gilbert, who is also known for designing the Woolworth building in New York City. As well as Union Station in New Haven. There are several buildings.

As we walked around, we ran into two people who told us they worked here 30 years ago. After verifying that they weren't ghosts, we continued to ask about their experience. They lived on the property and worked very closely with the kids. They also told us that the rumors (more on this later) aren't true, and it was actually a really lovely place for the patients.

It's definitely a picturesque location for anyone healing or recovering from illness. Complete with a private beach and beautiful weathervane. In the 1930s they thought the fresh, salty sea air would help with patients who were being treated.

Eventually The Seaside evolved into a facility for the elderly and finally a treatment center for the mentally disabled until it was decommissioned in the 90s after terrible rumors of staff abusing patients and inexplicable patients deaths became public.

The Seaside (as its known locally) has been investigated by numerous paranormal teams, who have had varying degrees of success encountering paranormal activity. Many people have broken into the buildings themselves and discovered cabinets of medical records, abandoned equipment and decaying floor boards.

Most recently, it was purchased by the state of Connecticut with the intention of turning it into a park and restoring several of the buildings.

Despite how desolate my photos and videos make the property look, we ran into many people during our visit to The Seaside. Folks were there to visit a quiet beach, to get some fresh air and a few had professional photography equipment.

If you're in the area it's a wonderful park, whether you're interested in the history of the place or not. If you have any more information or stories about The Seaside, please comment below.

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