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The Metal Gravestone's of Most Holy Trinity Cemetery in Brooklyn

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

This is Most Holy Trinity Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. The first thing you probably notice about this cemetery is that all of the gravestones are made of metal. This is because originally, it was meant to even the playing field between classes so that all stones looked uniform. Some were metal; others were wood-painted gray. But you can see they have not aged very well. A lot of these stones are over 170 years old.

Many of the wood stones have not survived. Many of the metal headstones were also stolen over the years and used for scrap metal. It was originally established in 1841 after the land was bought from the Meserole Farm. In 1851 the cemetery was actually moved to where it is now; the church bought a section of land from the neighboring Evergreens Cemetery as a way to expand. All previous burials were respectfully transferred.

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