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The Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles

This is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, founded in 1899 as the Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles California. It spans 100 acres and shares a block with Paramount Pictures Studios.

Many famous individuals are buried here….including Judy Garland, Cecil B DeMille, Mickey Rooney, and so many more. We were excited to visit the Judy Garland Pavilion at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where she is laid to rest. Before she passed away, she was in over 26 films.

Many of which still delight audiences to this day. She died at the age of 47 in 1969. Visitors sign the guest book with their well wishes and leave trinkets and flowers for her. Nearby, you can visit the Academy Museum to see the actual Ruby Slippers Judy wore in the Wizard of Oz.

Another notable structure within the cemetery is the Cathedral Mausoleum. Construction was completed in 1919, it’s where many famous actors and directors have been laid to rest, including Rudolph Valentino, Barbara La Marr, Harvey Wilcox and Peter Lorre. It’s stunning and impressive architecture, with massive statues and elaborate details. There is still space here for active burials.

And finally I was floored by the grand mausoleum belonging to William Andrews Clark Junior. It’s surrounded by a gorgeous body of water, which reminds me of a moat. William Andrews Clark Jr was born in 1877, and passed in 1934. Clark was the son of a Senator but had his own successful legal career.

Today, the cemetery hosts film screenings and concerts, making great use of the space to provide community events.

Have you visited?

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