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The Hauntings of New York City's East River

Let’s talk about the hauntings of the East River. North Brother Island in NYC’s East River is home to an abandoned hospital and has an incredibly dark history. Many patients died here, some even had to reside in tents while getting treatment because there weren’t any free beds. This island also famously housed Typhoid Mary. Today, urban explorers claim to hear screams coming from the empty buildings. Along with whispers, shadow figures and unexplained movement.

Some also believe that Roosevelt Island is haunted. Also located in the East River, Roosevelt Island has so many historic buildings and ruins. From the Renwick smallpox hospital, The Blackwell homestead, the octagon (previously new York's lunatic asylum), to the Strecker lab.

The weirdest East River paranormal sighting centers around The Brooklyn Bridge. Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge concluded in 1883 and it’s had a difficult history ever since. Even while it was being built, it’s believed that up to 40 people died in construction accidents. And only six days after it was opened, 12 people died in a stampede. People have reported hearing frantic and terrified screaming and shouting while walking across the bridge, especially during low traffic times.

Even eerier, many visitors have claimed seeing the headless ghost of what is believed to be one of the workers who died during the building of the bridge. Others have reported seeing a ghostly blonde woman cross the bridge and disappear into thin air. We’ve talked about the reports of ghosts along the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. But did you know this iconic bridge also has a history of UFO sightings?

The story goes that on November 30th, 1989 at 3am - a car driving along Manhattan’s Lower East Side was filled with diplomats who had visited the United Nation that day. According to claims, their car stalled out just in time for them to witness Linda Napolitano floating out the window of her LES apartment, illuminated by a beam of light, towards a UFO. She accompanied by three alienoid figures. The witnesses further claimed that the UFO then traveled towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

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