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The Hauntings of Connecticut's Boothe Memorial Park

Welcome to one of the most haunted places in Connecticut. Paranormal researchers and visitors have heard strange voices, knocking noises and had overwhelmingly bad feelings on the property.

Connecticut’s Boothe Memorial Park and Museum was built in 1840, across 32 acres of land. The land also houses the Boothe Homestead, technically the oldest homestead in the United States because of its foundation dating back to 1663.

Around 1914, brothers Stephen Nicols Boothe and David Beach Boothe started the Museum, which is home to 20 architecturally unique buildings. Including a toll booth, observatory, chapel, miniature lighthouse, and windmill. The buildings look bizarre and striking next to each other.

The gardens and grounds are beautifully maintained and used by the locals as greenspace and event space.

In 1949 the land came into ownership by the town of Stratford, CT.

Boothe Brothers turned this 32-acre plot in Stratford into the bizarre collection of miniature and full scale buildings you see here. Beyond the paranormal experiences, this park is truly strange and beautiful at the same time.

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