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The Grave of Saint Patrick

Photos, videos and research provided by Michael Crosa.

I am beyond grateful for my incredible friends. A million shout outs to Michael Crosa who took videos, photos and researched everything you're about to see and read. Please listen to Michael's podcast Jollyville Radio.

This is the Down Cathedral Cemetery in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. The cathedral hosts the traditional burial site of St. Patrick, who is credited with bringing Catholicism to the island of Ireland in the 5th century. The story of St. Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland appears in writings from the 7th century and is thought by some to be a representation of converting the native inhabitants from their Pagan belief systems.

The maintenance and keeping of the Down Cathedral has ebbed and flowed along with the religious history of the region, with important restorations happening in 1609, the late 1800’s, and 2015. Parts of the current building can be traced back to 1183, but the religious history of the site goes back to the 5th century.

The stone that marks St. Patrick’s grave is on the South side of the churchyard, along with many other historic burial sites. A second larger cemetery plot sits to the southwest of the cathedral and hosts more recent burial sites. This cathedral is now part of the Church of Ireland, which is a member of the Anglican Communion.

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