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New Orleans' St. Patrick's Cemeteries

The Saint Patrick Cemeteries were built in New Orleans in 1841, right next to the Cypress Grove Cemetery which was established one year earlier.

The St. Patrick Cemeteries house Irish Catholic Immigrants, you can see that in-ground burials were more common here. Though most preferred above ground tombs in the region, due to misunderstandings around the spread of Yellow Fever.

Because of the extreme death from the continued outbreaks, St. Patrick’s Cemetery became filled, almost haphazardly at times, with burials, very quickly. Just in the single month of August in 1853, over 1,100 people were buried in this one cemetery in New Orleans. Because of the unexpected influx in burials, St. Patrick No 1 is not organized in rows, as 2 and 3 are.

It’s still an active cemetery to this day and is filled with important and devastating history.

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