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Lunatics Radio Hour: Bigfoot Research Guide

As promised on the most recent episode of Lunatics Radio Hour, here is a list of sources used for that series. As well as some first hand accounts that were sent in to us.

Tales of Bigfoot type creatures don’t only span North America’s indigenous people, but similar tales exist globally. You may have heard of the Yeti for example. In the US, there have been Bigfoot sightings reported in every state except for Hawaii. Globally, there are similar legends about creatures similar to Bigfoot in every continent except for Australia.

Bigfoot or Sasquach is usually described physically as a large ape-like creature that walks on two legs and is covered in dark fur. It’s usually described as being 6-15 feet tall (but most sightings come in around 8 feet), humanoid but much taller. Which of course explains the footprints which are larger than a human’s would be. Typically it’s believed that Bigfoot legs are shorter than an average human, with longer arms. They also are thought to have human intelligence and are non-violent towards people. Though they have been known to throw rocks or emit scream-like calls. They avoid being seen by human society.

For more, listen here.

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