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Horror Review: Infinity Pool (2023)

I am still processing Brandon Cronenberg’s new film Infinity Pool (2023). I will also try very hard not to spoil anything in this post. I will say this; this film impacted me. I know that’s not very specific, but it’s because I’m not sure how it impacted me. Just that it did.

Infinity Pool was challenging for me to watch in a theater. I think it would have been an easier viewing for me at home. As the audience is warned before the opening credits, there are intense sequences in this film, along with strobing lights and swelling music. It was a bit overwhelming for my brain, and the fear of the unknown left me watching from behind my hands for large portions of it. Perhaps surprisingly, I am quite squeamish, and this brand of gore isn't my cup of tea.

The cinematography and world-building were great. And I love films that mix horror and comedy, though I wouldn’t put this film anywhere near The Menu on a tone spectrum. But it did make me laugh at times. As my friend in the seat next to me noted, there’s nothing wrong with films that mock the rich.

Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård didn’t shock me with their performances, but they both did an excellent job with the characters they were given. Something is fascinating about the extremely predictable progression of events within such an unexpected reality.

I enjoyed how the story unfolded, though I was left feeling a bit (I’m sure intentionally) lacking at the end. Empty. I’d like to give this film another watch from the safety of my own home. Typically I write reviews with spoilers, but I think this film is more fun the less you know.

I saw some reviews saying they didn't get the point the movie was making. I think that is fairly obvious, to me it just comes down to if you enjoy the ride or not.

My favorite part of the movie? The opening and closing credits font…

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