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Haunted History: Litchfield Villa

This is Litchfield Villa, built in the mid 1850s in Brooklyn, New York. At the time, the mansion was built on private land but it now sits on the west side of Prospect Park. The grounds are open to the public and are extremely beautiful.

Looking at its dreamy wildflowers, brick towers and crawling vines you may not immediately realize it’s believed to be the site of a famous demonic possession.

In 1864 a Litchfield family friend and widow set up a seance at the villa in order to communicate with her son who was killed in the Civil War.

Apparently the seance was disastrous and shortly after demonic entities, described as similar physically to gargoyles, started to appear on the top floors. Before 1865, four of the five people who conducted the seance had been killed in various ways.

Visitors still claim to see demonic figures and red flowing lights in the top windows.

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