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Gritty Psychological Terror: Black Mold (2023) Review

Black Mold (2023) tells the story of two photographers who have a horrifying encounter while exploring an abandoned building. But this film offers more than just gritty terror, Black Mold devolves into a rich psychological thriller with unexpected turns and vulnerability. 

A man looks disheveled

Written, directed and edited by John Pata, Black Mold keeps you on your toes the entire time. If you are a paranormal investigator, or someone who explores abandoned places (hi, hello) then you should absolutely watch this movie.

I must admit I am partial to Jeremy Holm (The Ranger), and as always, he delivered. Along with Agnes Albright and Andrew Bailes, the trio play off of each other perfectly. 

A woman explores an abandoned building

Beyond the performances and stylized cinematography, Black Mold’s success is tied to its daunting structure. As audiences try to figure out the big reveal, we must contend with an increasingly tense storyline. A true nail biter. 

We love an indie horror film over here, especially one that strives to break out of the indie horror mold a bit. There is something unique to be about the gritty texture of the visuals, paired with the psychological focus of the plot. 

A woman looks upset

Currently you can watch Black Mold on Tubi.

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