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Haunted History: Green-Wood's Tranquility Garden

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Strikingly different in design than the surrounding Geen-Wood cemetery, is Green-Wood’s Tranquility Garden. Nest

led right near the infamous cemetery’s main gates.

The garden was designed to feature elements of nature, water, metal, stone and wood. There are three glass buildings, and a beautiful koi pond and reflecting pools in the center.

This space offers outdoor altars for honoring those who have passed, and indoor shrines to loved ones.

This garden sits next to the cemetery’s crematory, and houses the ashes of cremated patrons. The Tranquility Garden is still active and has space for above ground or below ground urns.

Many locals visit the garden to find some peace and quiet. We saw many visitors sketching, writing and sitting near the pools.

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