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A List of Bad Summer Camp Slasher Films

Bad Summer Camp Slasher Films are in season! Most of these haven’t aged well. Were they ever not problematic? Hard to say.

That being said, here are some B Horror Summer Camp films. (That means I am not mentioning Friday the 13th because it is not a B horror movie!)

Sleepaway Camp (1983) This is a complicated film to nominate for this list for multiple reasons. Though it largely has positive reviews, it’s come into question in modern times for its “twist ending reveal.” In addition to that, I was appalled at the blatant portrayal of pedophiles working as cooks at a children’s summer camp. It went on to spur many sequels and has become a controversial film.

Cheerleader Camp (1988) The title gives it all away. Cheerleader Camp is about a slasher who shows up at a remote summer camp and targets cheerleaders.

Twisted Nightmare (1987) In a strange way, this film has an Agatha Christie vibe (only much worse). Teens start to disappear one by one after they win a trip back to their childhood camp.

The Burning (1981) One of the better rated movies on this list, The Burning tells the story of a camp caretaker who suffered terrible burns and now looks to get revenge.

The Final Girls (2015) Another well-ish rated movie (in comparison). The Final Girls tells the story of a famous Scream Queen who finds herself in a real life horror. Similar ish story to Grady Hendrix’s The Final Girls Support Group.

Madman (1981) A typical urban legend campfire film. Directed by Joe Giannnone, Madman tells the story of a group of teens who are targeted by a horrific murderer.

Cabin Fever (2002) Not really a slasher film, Cabin Fever should be avoided by anyone who isn’t into flesh eating virus content.

Camp Hell (2010) Perhaps one of the lowest rated films on the list, Camp Hell tells the story of horror at a spiritual summer camp. Oh and it stars Jesse Eisenberg.


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James Herington
James Herington
Jun 15, 2023

Spirit camp from 2009 is another bad film

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